Replacing that old Apple Xserve

Starting to wonder what alternatives are on the market to replacing your ageing Apple Xserve and RAID. Jennings Computer Services have a solution that can increase performance and spread the risk.

Recently we embarked on a project to replace an Xserve and RAID at Mind The Gap Studios ( in Bradford. Mind The Gap had a typical single Xserve and Fiber Channel RAID solution. They used the Xserve and RAID to provide file sharing, roaming profiles and mail services.

Jennings provided a solution using two Apple Mac Minis combined with a Thunderbolt RAID that fits confortable within 2U of the client’s server cabinet. By using two Mac Minis the services used at Mind The Gap are split between the two servers therefore reducing the risk of hardware failure and increasing the processing power.

The lower cost of ownership of the Mac Minis means that the whole solution including a 24TB Thunderbolt RAID can be installed for less than the original Xserve and RAID solution.

If you’re interested in replacing your Apple Xserve contact our Apple technical sales team today on 01723 374196 to discuss your options.