Another Office 365 Migration

Jennings successfully migrated another client of over 10 users from an on-premises emails server to Office 365 Hosted Exchange. The migration was planned to perfection by our migration team and using specialist migration services downtime was kept to a minimum.

A first stage migration was instigated during a normal working week. This first stage migration captures all users from the on-premise email server and populates Office 365 with the users, generates passwords and migrates folders and emails older than 90 days. This transfers the bulk of the email data without interrupting users.

The final stage migration was carried out of a weekend. The on-premises email server was disabled and mx records changed to route new emails to Hosted Exchange. The final migration captures all the latest email data and performs a final sweep of historical data to migrate any emails missed by the first stage migration.

The client returned to work on Monday morning to find all their emails successfully migrated to their new cost effective Office 365 Hosted Exchange platform.